Game of the future?

Presenting Interactive LED Futuro Cube from Think Geek . A motion-controlled gaming console. It reminds me of the classic Rubik, with one or two exceptions: you can play a lot of games or puzzles and it’s not that easy to master this toy. Let’s see the movie clip from ThinkGeek : Now that we’ve seen what … More Game of the future?

The next generation touch interface

Beyond the fact that technology continuously grows beyond our imagination, we see that every year  the electronic producers try to exceed consumer expectations and probably their own. Therefor a technology that drawn my attention was  Tactus : “What if buttons could morph out of the surface of your device?”            Tactus Technology … More The next generation touch interface

Did you know ?

Your eye muscles move 100,000 times a day.Your eye muscles are the busiest muscles in your body, moving more than 100,000 times every day, according to a research paper called “Portable Eyetracking: A Study of Natural Eye Movements.” .Just try counting how many times your eyes move just to read this paragraph. You get taller … More Did you know ?

A minute of cartoon humor

Ant eaters  Candy cane snake The hula hoop Christian Mice Disappointed dragon ? Incentive ? I must try this  You need to get out Nasty Hippie ? It’s kinda’ true, isn’t it ? Think Eco ! Damn scary  Angry ? I knew they were more than they look Let’s see you now Mario ! Disturbing